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Amir Abbasi
"Angelus Sine Sensu"

Having already cut a fine set of teeth here at LL, we're honoured to present Amir Abbasi's 'Angelus Sine Sensu'.

Having already cut a fine set of teeth here at LL, most recently via his Kraftwerkian tech-house-sand-down of Blanka's 'Evolution' - we're honoured to present Amir Abbasi's 'Angelus Sine Sensu'.
To give you some background, the Latin tongued Amir Abbasi is as comfortable directing music videos for Sasha's 'Last Night on Earth' as he is experimenting with guitar pedals and synths in his Atlanta studio.
It's 'music that excites not just the ears but all of our senses', says Amir. To prove his point, he even shot the cover photo. At a local graveyard, natch.
And this holistic approach to his art shines through on the wide screen, melancholic manchine-funk of 'Angelus Sine Sensu' - a track simultaneously winking at both early 80's Cold Wave and late 90's Bonzai Trance - Trisomie 21 playing air-hockey with M.I.K.E - all held together by a tight, neoteric production skin.
First up on remix duties we have Egypt's Hazem Beltagui, the current go-to-guy for quality, adult trance. It's lush, deep and melodic, with 'Beyond the Black Radio' aficionados melting en masse every time Ben Lost has dropped it on said show.
And again we turn to Serbia for some forward thinking, no nonsense psy-fi, this time courtesy of Sidewinder. Having recently worked with fellow natives Sonic Entity and Manmachine, we're proud to welcome another talented local into our ranks. There must be something in the water supply over there ...Tesla?
From Court to Sport, Religion through to Music and back - Latin is the Language that quietly binds our modern Western tongue. And like our Art, these symbols and sounds percolate through the ages - there to be foraged by those with an ear that can hear, and an eye that can see.
'Ad Coelum / Ad Inferos......Angelus Sine Sensu'
An Angel Without Feelings / The Lost Language-Language.

Written and produced by Amir Abbasi.
Remix and additional production by Hazem Beltagui.
Remix and additional production by Aleksandar Lazarevic.
Published by Dharma Songs.
P+C 2013 Lost Language

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