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Man Machine
"Where's Cynthia?"

Next up in our 'quality trance for discerning adults' series is Manmachine's extended player, 'Where's Cynthia?'.

Miroslav Bako has worked in music for more than 15 years, composing theatre, film and TV scores in his native Serbia, while simultaneously releasing tracks on Ovnimoon, Goa and Yellow Sunshine Explosion, under his Psychedelic alter ego - Manmachine.
We can hear the well crafted cogs of these collective talents whirring away on each of these three productions, with arpeggiated melodies spun throughout the brooding, mechanical grooves of 'Where's Cynthia?' - a peak time Psy-Fi record that's home to a grandiose riff of cinematic proportions.
'Burner' continues down a similar path before the clockwork beats make way for a beautiful, delicate riff, providing an atmospheric breakdown that will have the wide eyed automatons swooning.
A much deeper, darker 'Phosphorescent' rounds off the package, 5am warehouse style. It's another beautifully built track, as much about the industrial funk as it is about it's epic Goan crescendo.
We're immensely proud to be releasing such high quality, forward thinking productions. This is Skynet futurism for a steam powered scene, trans-humanism for trance-humanists.
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The Lost Language Perpetual Motion Machine.

Writen and produced by Miroslav Bako, mastered at Rocktifex Studio, Stara Pazova, Serbia.
(P) & (C) 2013 Lost Language

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