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We're overjoyed to be kicking 2013 off with a respray of one of our all time favourite releases.

A staple track in the sets of Oakenfold, Sasha and Van Dyk back in the day, Amber's soaring, melancholic, sci-fi riff captures a mood that we at Lost Language pine for.
We had to work hard to justify another re-release, which is why we gave the parts to an artist truly on top of their game, someone we consider to be the safest hands in Trance right now, Thomas Datt.........and blimey, what a mix this chap has turned in for us.
NYC's Thomas Datt, fresh from a stunning album release on Discover, lifts the best ingredients from the original mixes, while adding a drive and energy level not yet heard on 'Amber'. It's pure class from the get go and has already had the office inundated with emails since Ben Lost dropped it on his Chronicles guest mix.
On the flip, our favourite knob twiddlers Charm & Strange, deliver a balearic rework that adds live piano, vintage synths and analogue pulses, pushing the track even deeper into melancholy, providing you with a truly unique reconstruction.
People can get a little precious when it comes to remixing classics but quite frankly, those silly rose tinted concerns are blown out of the water when the goods are delivered as they have been here.
Never overplayed to the point of boredom, like so many of it's contemporaries, 'Amber' has stood the test of time and while our Trance peers grow fat on sloppy Trouse burgers, these mixes are sure to find a place in the hearts of all true lovers of underground progressive trance.

Written & Produced by Tim Ratcliffe.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2013 Lost Language

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2. Amber [Charm & Strange Remix] Buy Track ( 0.94)
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