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Robert Vadney
"Dancing To Oblivion (A Space Odyssey) EP"

After a ton of high profile remixes we are pleased to welcome Rodney into the Lost Language stable.

Robert Vadney comes from the small island of Rhodes in Greece. He makes melancholic progressive trance compositions tinged with a tinge of rock and alternative attitude. Paul Oakenfold even referred to him the 'The King of Gothic Trance'. After a ton of high profile remixes (including one for us) and a string of successful releases on Perfecto Records we are pleased to welcome Rodney into the Lost Language stable.
The 'Journey To Oblivion' EP harks back to the golden days of trance. It has already had BBC Radio one plays and widespread DJ support. You will see why, Superclub drums and pads, big room thunderbass and a PPK'esque top line melody are the order of the day for the title track. 'Dancing Nebula' is all about the riff but still leaves room for an epic main stage break down.
The third track in the EP is 'Helix'. Here the Goa quotient and tempos are notched up for a peak time stormer. Add a touch of goth darkness and a slew of arrpegiated synth lines and you are half way there. To round things off we re-visit things we return once more the lead track, the 'old school' mix takes us back to 1998 and a brightly coloured B-side of a Pefecto Fluro vinyl. Great stuff.

Written & Produced by Robert Vadney.
Published by 23rd Precinct and Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2011 Lost Language

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