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"Solarstone Remodeled Volume 1"

The Solarstone world never stops turning.. Rich is currently locked-away in his bunker working on album no2.

But as the man says.. you can't keep the music down. Here we present two finely executed remixes. First up is a 2010 revamp of the Solarstone debut 'The Calling', road-tested with a firm stamp of approval from Rich's touring over the past few months, dutch dj/producer RAM turns in a peak time monster.
Completing the package is our favorite Cypriot Trancemaster Haris C. His mix of 2002's 'Solarcoaster' is a main-room big-riffed workout of the Tiesto ISOS3 featured hit. Stay tuned for a lot more Solarstone in the summer of 2010.

The Calling Written & Produced by Mowatt, Tierney & Bury.
Solarcoaster Written & Produced by Mowatt & Bury.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2010 Lost Language

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