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"The System EP"

Texas based Tasadi is a busy chap. As well as running his own label Sedna he's found time to deliver us 3 tracks.

Texas based Tasadi is a busy chap. As well as running and A&Ring his own label Sedna he has found time out to deliver us three tracks from his upcoming album "The System".
Quality, slick progressive trance grooves are the order of the day. "Mars" starts things off hard and chunky. Progressive electro bass lines meld with crunching no nonsense floor led drums.
"Jupiter" is melodic progressive at its best with darting melodies, shimmering synth lines all unpinned with a solid driving bass pattern. "Neptune" rounds off the EP in fine vocal (and vocoder/autotune) style. Aurielle sings a memorable and ethereal vocal over breathy pads and solid, forward facing progressive grooves.
The observant amongst you will notice the names of the tracks are all planets, a clue perhaps to the upcoming album "The System" due on Lost Language in the summer.

Track 1 Written and produced by Tasadi & Perj.
Track 2 Written and produced by Tasadi.
Track 3 Written and produced by Tasadi, vocals by Aurielle.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2009 Lost Language

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