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Derek Howell
"Angrodgynous Cats EP"

Texas based Derek Howell is no stranger to most, here he delivers his debut EP for Lost Language.

Texas based Derek Howell is no stranger to most, having been championed by everyone from Warren, Seaman & Cattaneo right the way through to Armin Van Buuren.
Here he delivers his debut EP for Lost Language, having previously turned in a blinding mix of Hooj classic, Sacred Cycles. This EP stays true to form, lush, evolving atmospheres sitting next to progressive grooves.
Androdgynous Cats opens up the EP, here we get chunky percussion with layers of pads building up the piece until its climactic break.
Back In The Swing starts up with a driving, hypnotic groove. Nagging synths and well placed effects hold down the groove. Dirty, driving progressive house sums it up about right.
Last up is Potcakes, shimmering melodies riding atop a crisp breakbeat pattern – reminiscent of Ulrich Schnauss’ finest output. Potcakes was a highlight on the recently released Exhibition4; classy production and subtle transitions, this track rounds up the EP nicely.

Written and Producted by Derek Howell.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2007 Lost Language

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