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Since first bursting onto the scene with the now classic album Wide Angle in 1999, Hybrid have been known as one of the most forward thinking and technically skilled acts in electronic dance music. Blurring the line between in-studio production and live presentation and cinematic score.

Hybrid began as a trio of remixers based in the Welsh city of Swansea: Mike Truman, Chris Healings, and Lee Mullin. Meeting while going to clubs in the early '90s, the three made their own remixes of recordings, eventually earning assignments from record companies to pursue their hobby professionally. Finally, they were signed to Distinct'ive Records and embarked on making an ambitious first album, Wide Angle, in Moscow, using such talents as singer Julee Cruise and the 90-piece Russian Federal Orchestra. "Finished Symphony," which reached the U.K. singles charts in July 1999, featured the orchestra. It was followed into the charts in September by "If I Survive," featuring Cruise on vocals, and by Wide Angle itself. The group then served as the opening act on Moby's U.S. tour that same fall. Lee Mullins left after the bands debut album.

A host of full-length material followed during the next three years, including two volumes of the compilation series Remix and Additional Production By as well as the mix album Y4K. The proper studio follow-up to Wide Angle, Morning Sci-Fi, followed in 2003. Perry Farrell and Peter Hook were two of the guest stars featured on 2006’s I Choose Noise, an album that a year later was supported by a tour of the U.S.

In 2010, Disappear Here was released and it not only introduced songwriter and vocalist Charlotte Truman but also a more song based approach to recordings. 2012 saw the release of their Classics album which was a series of compilations containing greatest hits and a wealth of unreleased music and orchestral scores.

With the orchestra firmly becoming a focal point of their music the band then spent a period scoring their first feature films and working on several Hollywood blockbuster movies. As well as finding time to score computer game soundtracks. Chris Healings left in 2015.

In 2018, after a long wait the band returned with their fifth artist album, The Light of The Fearless

Releases: LOSTCDLP015: Various Artists : Ascension 001 :The Awakening
Tracks: Hybrid : Disappear Here (Andy Moor Ecomix) (Buy Download)