Lost Language About us

Lost Language was initiated into the Hooj family of labels over the summer of 2000. A non-denominational trance off-shoot, with quality and diversity at the heart of it's doctrine.

Led by a young and enthusiastic Ben Lost, the label maintained a royal mix of established Hooj heavyweights, such as Tilt, Solarstone and Lustral, whilst utilising an ever growing roster of fresh, international talent.

Markus Schulz, James Holden and Gareth Emery all cut their teeth as relative unknowns at Lost Language in the early naughties, a testament to the labels forward thinking approach to A&R.

Ben left Lost Language in 2005, leaving A&R duties to an in-house team very much focussed on artist albums. Space Manoeuvres, Santiago Nino, Tilt and Leama & Moor all released highly acclaimed LP's in the following years.

In the winter of 2012 Ben returned to the label, inspired by the free party scenes in Russia, Asia and the UK, and keen to exhume what he considered to be 'important, forgotten aesthetics, since repressed in a shallow, dumbed down Trance scene'. The Lost Language history is rich, and through careful excavation, we intend to resurrect those buried energies, latent tones and arcane philosophies, once again ripe for harvest.