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Bernie Allen

Bernie Allen has to be the most prolific artist we've ever had on Lost Language.

His 'Ethereal Love' was one of the label highlights from last year and before we knew it, there was a whole mountain full of Bernie gold just waiting to be mined, smelt and moulded.
And what a magical piece it's turned out to be. Bernie Allen's debut album is a glittering prize that's consistently melodic, occasionally dark but with a tough groove based backbone running throughout.
'Sun Atlas' and 'Aviator' kick things off, setting an almost Balearic atmosphere, before 'Slow Departure' and title track 'Mirage', take this long player down a much darker road.
'Late Reflections' holds court at the half way point. A melancholic, anchor of a track and the first single to be released from the album.
The brooding swing of 'California' follows, dropping the tempo a little, before 'Digital Opiate' takes us back into chunky, sun kissed house territory.
'Blue Mountain' - a strong contender for the next single release - has us swooning with some beautiful piano work, before 'Moonfish' swims along for the albums epic finale.
It's a wonderful journey, beautifully produced, from an artist who's gone from strength to strength since his first release on Lost Language in 2011.

Written and produced by Bernie Allen.
Published by Dharma Songs.
Special thanks to Ben Woods for always lending a helping ear. Really appreciated.
Artwork (the face) image by Zach Tutor.
(P) & (C) 2013 Lost Language

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