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Blanka & Adam White, Ft. Adam Dowling
"Red Earth"

Blanka (Adam White & Adam Dowlings) deliver their debut "Red Earth", showcasing their clinical & accomplished sound.

Swiftly following on from their superb remix of Bernie Allens 'Ethereal Love' - Adam White and Adam Dowlings Blanka project deliver their debut in the form of Red Earth, a single that further showcases their clinically tight and musically accomplished sound.
The track starts with an almost French Kiss-eqsue groove before an arpeggiated riff, reminiscent of Energy 52's 'Cafe Del Mar', raises the tension in the build towards a massively uplifting Balearic breakdown. It's a quality riff that's sure to melt hearts on dance floors worldwide - but as we're coming to expect from Blanka, they're not shy when it comes to surprises and they throw one in three quarters of the way through, slapping our grinners with a huge electro tinged drop, before seeing us out with some soaring guitar work that 'The Edge' would have been proud of.
On the flip we have a pumping remix from Italy's Raf Fender who does an awesome job of bridging that gap between 'psy' and 'trad' trance with a remix that has shades of what Neelix and the lads over at Spin Twist are doing. It's bounce is addictive and the introduction of a wailing vocal sample (that sounds suspiciously like the one from Billy Hendrix 'Body Shine') catapults Raf's mix into stadium trance territory, with Gatecrasher circa 1999 written all over it.
So another firm statement as to where Ben Lost is currently taking things with the label, old school trance sensibilities with modern production values. You can't bury a feeling.

Written & Produced by Adam White and Adam Downling.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2012 Lost Language

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