Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part One)

Various Artists

Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part One)

LOST LANGUAGE turns sixteen this year, so what better way to celebrate our legal right to buy a lottery ticket and join the armed forces, than with a FOUR PART orgy of resprayed EL-EL classics.

The TL for PART ONE speaks for itself - with J00F dude INSERT NAME adding a chunky, tribal feel to the KLINKENBERG classic. Deep, tight and wholly worthwhile.


Simon Templar - Oblivion

Simon Templar


SIMON TEMPLAR has been leading the way in what we at EL-EL towers would describe as PROPER TRANCE. Deep, moody, intricate, emotional - OBLIVION is the definition of this. OBLIVION PT 1 wouldn't have sounded out of place in a SASHA set from 1999. Arpeggiated riffs, black trance FX. We couldn't have hoped for a more perfect encapsulation of the sound that took us onto this path.


Ovnimoon With 3 Access And You - We Are One

Ovnimoon With 3 Access And You

We Are One

We've been spending a lot of time with the classics in the EL-EL bodyshop - but we're back with something fresh, a collaboration between Chilean Trance Wizards OVNIMOON and 3 ACCESS & YOU.

WE ARE ONE is a beefy slice of tough, brooding PSY-FI. Pensive, melancholic - a no nonsense cruiser. This is your Daddy's Trance, make no mistake.