Miro - Paradise



Miro's 'Paradise' was originally released on HOOJ CHOONS in 1998, a pivotal track in an era defined by blissed out house and proto-prog trance, popularised at legendary super-clubs such as RENAISSANCE, CREAM and GATECRASHER............ So it's been a long time coming, but 17 years later we finally have (what we consider) to be a perfectly worthy package of new mixes.

MINDWAVE tee's off with his 'BALEARIC-PSY' interp - a lush, bubbling remix that was featured on compilations from both ACTIVA and BEN LOST in 2014.


Hazem Beltagui Presents Dark Sahara - The Weaver Of Black Noise

Hazem Beltagui Presents Dark Sahara

The Weaver Of Black Noise

Fresh from remixing 3 Access and You's 'The Energy', HAZEM BELTAGUI struts up to the BLACK TRANCE pulpit in his DARK SAHARA cassock - all chaos, doom and gated riffs.

CBM takes the reins this time with an expansive first sermon in the EL-EL TEMPLE, a bone shaking, tech-trance monster, that's hard, open and HD ready in all the right places.

"If you truly seek illumination, then where better to find it than in the darkness?" - Lon Milo Duquette

The Cult of Lost Language.


3 Access & You Ft Ovnimoon - Violeta / The Energy

3 Access & You Ft Ovnimoon

Violeta / The Energy

OVNIMOON made his Lost Language debut back in 2013, when he remixed MIRO's 'By Your Side' - utilising the best of no nonsense Psy and melodic trad-trance, arguably trumping the original in the process......and there's more of that to be found here, with our man from CHILE leading his 3A&U crew into euphonic, riff heavy (proper) ProgTrance territory.

Heading up the package is Egypt's HAZEM BELTAGUI, who has turned 'The Energy' into a brooding PT masterpiece, utilising the subtle acid tweaks before dropping a brooding, melancholic piano break that caused quite a stir when label boss BEN LOST dropped it as the first track on his BTBR return at the start of the year.