Relaunch - One Love EP


One Love EP

Next up on Lost Language is the 'ONE LOVE EP' - an exceptional release from Germany's RELAUNCH, marking the first of EL-EL's HAECKEL inspired cover pieces.

Educated at the Dorian Gray Frankfurt school of Techno and boasting releases on J00F, Bonzai and Mistique in recent years, Relaunch has become a firm favourite with those who prefer their Trance a shade deeper, their grooves a tad fuller.

ONE LOVE is a rolling Trance masterpiece with broad, emotive melodies that were tailor made for our clued up crew. It's warm and chunky in all the right places and follows our dogmatic 'OSTS/MPV' mantra to the letter.


Freesoup - We Who Have


We Who Have

Next up on Lost Language is Freesoup's 'We Who Have' - a stand out cut from our latest EXHIBITION V compilation, now garnished with a generous side order of remixes.

With recent output on Discover, Borderline and Perfecto, 'King of the North' John Dopping leads the way with an elegant peak time workout. Live drum fills and a full fat breakdown makes his the go-to mix for those big room moments.

Fresh from remixing Federation, Freesoup provides us with his very own 'Deep Mix', which Ben Lost debuted on his 'Open Up' guest slot back in April. It's a classy reinterpretation that slips in a new riff, whilst utilising the Auranaut-esque sample to great effect in a swoon inducing breakdown.

Exhibition 5 (Mixed By Ben Lost)

Various Artists

Exhibition 5 (Mixed By Ben Lost)

What was once Lost is now found… After an extended timeout, lasting more than a half-decade, Ben Lost has returned to the director's chair of Lost Language. One of trance & progressive's most eminent imprints, over its near 15-year label lifetime it has been the springboard for the careers of an axiomatic list of famed producers. To mark his retaking of its A&R reins, and a new waypoint in the label's history, he's mixed the fifth episode of its hallowed 'Exhibition' mix-series.

Ben launched the 'Exhibition' line during the label's early millennial era, quickly helming it into a singular position in the mix collections of trance and prog fans alike. Now, almost a decade after he mixed his last one, the prodigal one's returned to expo the ongoing development of Lost's musical language. The album features tracks and mixes from array of new talent. In an amongst its progressive foothills, trance peaks and Goan inclines are tracks and remixes from Manmachine, Ovnimoon, Superpsychics, Cosmithex and Sonic Entity, as well as more seasoned sound shapers like Guy J, Activa and Neptune Project. Ben has tasked many of them with remixes of the label's vastly respected back-catalogue, with new directions & tangents lent to tracks by Space Manoeuvres, Miro, Barraka, Accadia and C.M.