Jamie Baggotts - Exodus

Jamie Baggotts


Jamie Baggotts makes his EL-EL debut beyond remix duties with a throbbing progger that's become something of a trademark for the boy Baggotts.

The original is deep and chunky, with trippy acid tweaks sitting neatly over a tight groove that gives way to a subtle yet stirring choral breakdown. It's classy stuff and the reason why Jamie's sound has had found its way onto Old SQL, Pure Trance and Bonzai Progressive.


Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part Two)

Various Artists

Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part Two)

Did we mention that LOST LANGUAGE turns SIXTEEN this year? Well we do, so here's PART TWO of our FOUR PART 'SUITE XVI' series.

FINLAND's SIMON TEMPLAR is first up, with a stunning remix of TILT's 'ANGRY SKIES'. MARIA NAYLER's vocal sits beautifully over a typically dark and brooding TEMPLAR groove, before that monumental riff steps onto the floor, eye's closed, hand's raised, ciggy in a wobbly jaw.


Paradox - Can't Change The Wind


Can't Change The Wind

ALLY BROWN makes his EL-EL debut under the PARADOX moniker, with a real nod to a sound we were pushing back in 2002-3, when U&K, PROBSPOT, LEAMA & MOOR et al were crafting a fresh take on lush, melodic, prog-trance.

OVNIMOON'S remix goes for the jugular, with a typically lazer-kissed PSY-FI rework - "breakdown's are for pussies" - we hear. Either way, it's a belter, and we'd expect no less from our man in CHILE.