Darkskye - The Monastery


The Monastery

DARKSKYE specialises in moody, pensive techno, and we reckon 'The Monastery' is up there as one of the darkest tracks we've ever released on Lost Language. Funeral Techno at it's finest.

Fast becoming one of EL-EL's favourite DJ's and Producers, Finland's SIMON TEMPLAR provides us with a killer remix that harks back to the BONZAI / PLASTIC BOY era of Trance.


Miro - Paradise



Miro's 'Paradise' was originally released on HOOJ CHOONS in 1998, a pivotal track in an era defined by blissed out house and proto-prog trance, popularised at legendary super-clubs such as RENAISSANCE, CREAM and GATECRASHER............ So it's been a long time coming, but 17 years later we finally have (what we consider) to be a perfectly worthy package of new mixes.

MINDWAVE tee's off with his 'BALEARIC-PSY' interp - a lush, bubbling remix that was featured on compilations from both ACTIVA and BEN LOST in 2014.


Hazem Beltagui Presents Dark Sahara - The Weaver Of Black Noise

Hazem Beltagui Presents Dark Sahara

The Weaver Of Black Noise

Fresh from remixing 3 Access and You's 'The Energy', HAZEM BELTAGUI struts up to the BLACK TRANCE pulpit in his DARK SAHARA cassock - all chaos, doom and gated riffs.

CBM takes the reins this time with an expansive first sermon in the EL-EL TEMPLE, a bone shaking, tech-trance monster, that's hard, open and HD ready in all the right places.

"If you truly seek illumination, then where better to find it than in the darkness?" - Lon Milo Duquette

The Cult of Lost Language.