3 Access & You Ft Ovnimoon - Violeta / The Energy

3 Access & You Ft Ovnimoon

Violeta / The Energy

OVNIMOON made his Lost Language debut back in 2013, when he remixed MIRO's 'By Your Side' - utilising the best of no nonsense Psy and melodic trad-trance, arguably trumping the original in the process......and there's more of that to be found here, with our man from CHILE leading his 3A&U crew into euphonic, riff heavy (proper) ProgTrance territory.

Heading up the package is Egypt's HAZEM BELTAGUI, who has turned 'The Energy' into a brooding PT masterpiece, utilising the subtle acid tweaks before dropping a brooding, melancholic piano break that caused quite a stir when label boss BEN LOST dropped it as the first track on his BTBR return at the start of the year.

Andy Ling - Fixation

Andy Ling


LOST LANGUAGE has a big sister named HOOJ - currently absent on a journey of self discovery, last spotted in a Clapton squat - and we've been casually ransacking her Trance parts ever since she left, all those moons ago.

Andy Ling's 'FIXATION' was a staple in the legendary SASHA sets of days gone by and now RELAUNCH - fresh from releasing his ONE LOVE EP - has turned in the mother of all prog-trance mixes, utilising the original parts to great effect. Don't be fooled by inferior cover versions currently doing the rounds, guys - this is the mix you've been waiting for.


Relaunch - One Love EP


One Love EP

Next up on Lost Language is the 'ONE LOVE EP' - an exceptional release from Germany's RELAUNCH, marking the first of EL-EL's HAECKEL inspired cover pieces.

Educated at the Dorian Gray Frankfurt school of Techno and boasting releases on J00F, Bonzai and Mistique in recent years, Relaunch has become a firm favourite with those who prefer their Trance a shade deeper, their grooves a tad fuller.

ONE LOVE is a rolling Trance masterpiece with broad, emotive melodies that were tailor made for our clued up crew. It's warm and chunky in all the right places and follows our dogmatic 'OSTS/MPV' mantra to the letter.