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Santiago Nino
"From Scratch"

Guatemalan born, Columbia resident, Santiago Nino has been on the scene since 2004. Ever the chameleon, he hops from genre to genre and uses his finely honed production skills to create his own unique sound… sometimes electro, sometimes tech, sometimes prog trance but always quite special. Corralling all these sounds and influences into one album was never going to be easy but with Santiago’s debut long-player ‘From Scratch’ we think we’ve done it.
The album mixes up sounds from the far flung sonic corners in Santiago’s prolific mind. One minute laid-back and gentle soundscapes, the next minute crunching tech, the next minute distilled zaniness. The album jumps between these threads with ease. Tracks such as ‘Morning Light’, ‘Awakening’ & ‘Guataemala’ all deeply poetic and musical nestle in next to more traditional Lost Language big room progressive trance tunes such as ‘City Lights’, ‘Malayan’, ‘Damasco’ & ‘Bodhi’.
‘From The Inside’ gives us the album big room moment. Tracks such ‘Them’, ‘She’s Still In There’ and ‘Esta Cancion Esta Bien Loca’ show our protagonists electronic, darker edge while ‘Maria Juana’ adds a touch of the light hearted.
Lost Language was formed in the year 2000 as the trance off shoot label of Hooj Choons. The aim back then was to release trance records at the quality end of the spectrum. That aim stands firm today and our roster of releases hopefully proves that trance can be popular while avoid the commercial sounding cheese out there.
The label maintains a mix of well established acts such as Tilt, Lustral and Solar Stone with some of the new and upcoming talent. In fact breaking new talent is one of the main desired aims of the label.
In 2003 we became independent from our former parent. Our new expanded focus includes a more longer term focus on fostering talent and developing artists into album acts. So expect more album releases from us in the future.
In 2005 we formed a new sublabel to host our more trance related artists. In the end we called it Solaris.

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