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Space Manoeuvres
"Stage One (Lashes Remix)"

LISA LASHES - a true hero of the scene. Technically gifted, with an effortlessly broad musical ear, covering a plethora of genres throughout her illustrious career, spanning more than 18 years... and still holding the title of the only woman to break into the TOP 10 of the DJ MAG TOP 100.
Her most recent sets have showcased a well refined, no nonsense TECHNO sound - heads down, heavy on the energy - and it's the techno edge of Lisa's musical cube we're treated to here, in the first of a new batch of SPACE MANOEUVRES 'STAGE ONE' remixes.
LISA LASHES has put an entirely fresh spin on the track, a rumbling Techno rework that CARL COX debuted at ULTRA in MIAMI this year, before bringing it home to level MANCHESTER's VICTORIA WAREHOUSE at the ALBERT HALL.
'She tore a hole in our universe, a gateway to another dimension. A dimension of pure chaos' - Event Horizon

Written & Produced By John Graham. Remix and additional production by Lisa Lashes.
Published by Windfall Publishing ltd.
P 2008 Lost Language
C 2015 Lost Language

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