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"We Who Have"

Next up on Lost Language is Freesoup's 'We Who Have' - a stand out cut from our latest EXHIBITION V compilation, now garnished with a generous side order of remixes.
With recent output on Discover, Borderline and Perfecto, 'King of the North' John Dopping leads the way with an elegant peak time workout. Live drum fills and a full fat breakdown makes his the go-to mix for those big room moments.
Fresh from remixing Federation, Freesoup provides us with his very own 'Deep Mix', which Ben Lost debuted on his 'Open Up' guest slot back in April. It's a classy reinterpretation that slips in a new riff, whilst utilising the Auranaut-esque sample to great effect in a swoon inducing breakdown.
Russia's Qoob complete the package, reworking the main melody over a deep and moody bassline, adding a slightly more progressive twist to Freesoup's original.
The original mix of 'We Who Have' marked a sharp, left hand turn on EXHIBITION V, an acid ambassador harbouring a cerebral message for those in the know - so we've thrown that on the package too, for any rave shamans who may have missed it on the original bundle.
'They can tell us we're crazy and we can say "You haven't seen anything yet" - WHH ACID GIRL
Lost Language - The 58th Variety, Return to the Sauce.

Written and produced by Stuart Mort.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) 2013 Lost Language
(C) 2013 Lost Language

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