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"By Your Side"

Living life in 'The Now' is something philosophers and magicians have been banging on about for centuries - and for very good reason - but in the world of Trance, where nothing is true and all is permitted, Nostalgia's spell is as strong as ever.
And the Ovnimoon remix of Miro's 1999 classic 'By Your Side' is as big as they come in this particular phaneron, with a stream of superlatives flying into LL Towers since clips were posted online.
Chile's Ovnimoon has truly hit the nail on the head, constructing a melodic, psychedelic trancer that maintains all the magic of the original while adding some pump and a crisp production sheen, dragging the song firmly into the Zeitgeist for an ever growing army of pure trance junkies.
Miro themselves have even stated that this was the 'mix that they'd be waiting for' all these years. It's so good, we didn't bother commissioning anymore remixes, just an instrumental for those who are that way inclined.
Forever by your side - The Lost Language Tradition.

Label Copy:
Written & Produced by Mads Arp & Steen Thottrup
Remix And Additional Production by Ovnimoon
Published By Copyright Control

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